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The Business Impact Project

The Business Impact Project was launched in 2017 by the Alliance for Community Development to better connect entrepreneurs to the vast ecosystem of entrepreneurship enablers which exists in the Bay Area. 

Through the Business Impact Project, the Alliance offers a 24-hour text hotline to local, diverse entrepreneurs in the East Bay to help them connect to this entrepreneurship ecosystem. Text us at 510-319-9702 for anytime, anywhere assistance.

The Alliance also develops tools such as the Business Impact Wheel and the Business Impact Map, to help both entrepreneurs and business service providers more easily navigate their ecosystem, free of charge. 

Through the Business Impact Project, the Alliance partners with community leaders to implement five strategies:

  1. Build  collaborative relationships among business service providers and entrepreneurship enablers.
  2. Create systems for methodical tracking of  client data and more accurate client storytelling.
  3. Identify and highlight models for more equitable development for providers and clients.
  4. Engage in strategic partnerships to increase access to entrepreneurship support in both digital and physical  spaces as a means of cultural preservation and anti-displacement in the Bay Area broadly, and Oakland specifically.
  5. Convey this story of entrepreneurial success and provider collaboration to funders in a clear and coordinated way.

The Alliance for Community Development

The Alliance was founded in 1999 by community leaders from not-for-profits, lending institutions, and business leaders in the innovation and tech sectors. 

The mission of the Alliance is to build a more equitable and vibrant economy for all by increasing access to capital for underrepresented entrepreneurs including but not limited to women, people of color, veterans, and residents of low to moderate income areas.

Want to get involved?

To get involved in the Business Impact Project, email the Alliance for Community Development:

Royce Chang, Director of Strategy,

Nayeli Maxson, Executive Director,

Or you can call or text us anytime at 510-319-9702. Hope to hear from you soon!


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